Sustainable enterprises

Sustainable enterprises

Our processes specialized processes and products of their internal and external improved company, the service aims to support environmental compliance, join him in the organization’s commitment to the environment in improving their processes. As the focus of the product will advise on compliance with environmental criteria in the product life-cycle management and the process of global recognition of environmental commitment.

Environmental compliance

The aim is to establish the base line environmental compliance company, taking into account the environmental regulatory framework in Colombia.

An initial diagnosis on the basis of regulatory requirements has the organization against the environmental issue is done. It is determined by the components of the use of resources and the generation of emissions, waste and discharges, in order to assess compliance with these requirements, depending on the degree of applicability and thoroughness with which is measured in the type of industry.

Process improvement

Getting environmental management focuses on optimizing organizational processes, resulting in lower costs for the use of materials, energy and natural resources

Apply the cleaning tools of organizational processes in order to optimize performance and reduce environmental production production costs. review and evaluation of production processes on the use of natural energy resources and inputs in order to determine the critical points of the processes and their relationship to the environment were made. They analyze and evaluate the relevant environmental impacts, which control mechanisms were identified by applying cleaner production. To address this stage, is taken as reference the ISO 14001, which gives the possibility of certification in this standard. According to the completion of optimization projects, it carried out the assessment of the environmental performance of the organization


The goal is to place a distinctive mark of the products produced under the principles of environmental management

After selecting a product, it is carried out the assessment of the life cycle (LCA), which is the support for an environmental label is a seal as the Seal of Environmental Colombia (SAC) or an environmental statement auto

Access to environmental circles worldwide

The aim of this service is to publicize the environmental performance of the company and risk in international mechanisms of information

At this level it is intended that the company stands out for its environmental performance measured by indicators of increased stringency in a global environment, for it will have access to information mechanisms such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, where performance under guidelines measuring climate change were graded

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